ACT Math: Five Problems for Your Weekend (4/17/15)

Your ACT Math score can only get better with practice. Getting the score you want takes time and effort on your part, but hard work is usually rewarded on test day. Here are five problems similar to what you’ll encounter on the ACT. I hope you have a few minutes this weekend to find a quiet place and give them a try.

The numbering of the problems is meant to give you an idea of where in a section a problem might appear.

Answers appear at the end of the post. Full solutions can be found here.

11.  Joanna bowled a 148 and a 142 in her first two games of the night. What must she bowl in the third game to have an average score of 150 for the three games?

A.  150
B.  154
C.  156
D.  158
E.  160

26.   What is the value of tan B in the right triangle below?

Five Problems 4-17-2

F.  5/12
G.  5/13
H.  12/13
J.  12/5
K.  13/5

37.  An equilateral triangle has a height of 12 inches. What is its area in square inches?

A.  24
B.  48
C.  24√3
D.  48 √3
E.  96√3

42.  The towns of Allensville and Barrington share a public high school. In order for a referendum to build an addition to the high school to pass, at least 60% of the total number of voters in both towns must approve the request. If 80% of the 36,000 voters in Allensville approved the request, what percent of the 24,000 voters in Barrington must approve the request in order for it to pass?

F.  20%
G.  30%
H.  40%
J.   50%
K.  60%

57.  What is the value of x in the equation below?


A.  2
B.  4
C.  16
D.  32
E.  64

If you have questions about these problems or anything to do with the ACT, send us an email at


11. E
26.  J
37.  D
42.  G
57.  E

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