Free Download: ACT Math Diagnostic Test #2

A few weeks ago we posted ACT Math Diagnostic Test #1. Hopefully you found it useful. We’ve created a second test that can give you even more insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

Test 2 CoverWho can benefit from the diagnostic tests?
Two types of students might find these tests helpful. Perhaps you’re trying to decide between the SAT and the ACT. These tests will give you an idea of the math content tested on the ACT as well as the level of difficulty found on the test.

If you’ve already decided the ACT is the test for you, these tests will help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

How should I use the tests?
Each test contains 20 questions and you should give yourself 20 minutes to complete each one. On the actual ACT, you’ll get 60 minutes to complete 60 questions. The first thing you’ll want to see is how you do on time. Are you able to complete all 20 questions in less than 20 minutes? If not, how far over the time did you go? If you’re over by a bit at the outset, don’t worry too much. As you practice more and get used to the content and the way the questions are asked, you’ll probably work through the questions more quickly.

Second, what types of questions do you always seem to get right and which ones give you some difficulty? The answer key tells you which of the three ACT question types (Pre-Algebra & Elementary Algebra; Intermediate Algebra & Coordinate Geometry; Plane Geometry & Trigonometry) each problem belongs to. As you start to see patterns in the questions you get right and wrong, you’ll know where to focus your studying.

To download Diagnostic Test #2, simply click the button below.

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