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ACT Math
A Challenging Algebra & Geometry Problem
A Challenging Arc Length & Sector Area Problem
A Challenging Circle Problem
A Challenging Polygon Problem
A Challenging Shaded Region Problem
Advanced Trigonometry Problems
Another Challenging Shaded Region Problem
Arc Lengths & Sector Areas
Distance Formula
Even & Odd Functions
Finding an Angle Measure in a Right Triangle
Function Transformations
Intermediate Algebra & Coordinate Geometry Problems
Law of Cosines & Law of Sines
Looking for the “Clever” Solution
More Logarithm Problems
More Right Triangle Trigonometry (SOH-CAH-TOA) Problems
Problems Involving Averages
Right Triangle Trigonometry (SOH-CAH-TOA)
Strategy: Picking Numbers
The Triangle Inequality
Working with Averages

ACT Math: Five Problems
Five Problems: 2/6/15
Five Solutions: 2/6/15
Five Problems: 2/13/15
Five Solutions: 2/13/15
Five Problems: 2/20/15
Five Solutions: 2/20/15
Five Problems: 2/27/15
Five Solutions: 2/27/15
Five Problems: 3/6/15
Five Solutions: 3/6/15
Five Problems: 3/13/15
Five Solutions: 3/13/15
Five Problems: 3/20/15
Five Solutions: 3/20/15
Five Problems: 3/27/15
Five Solutions: 3/27/15
Five Problems: 4/3/15
Five Solutions: 4/3/15
Five Problems: 4/10/15
Five Solutions: 4/10/15
Five Problems: 4/17/15
Five Solutions: 4/17/15
Five Problems: 4/24/15
Five Solutions: 4/24/15
Five Problems: 5/1/15
Five Solutions: 5/1/15
Five Problems: 5/8/15
Five Solutions: 5/8/15
Five Problems: 5/15/15
Five Solutions: 5/15/15

SAT Math
A Challenging Functions Problem
A Challenging Quadratic Function Problem
Algebraic Operations
Completing the Square
Completing the Square Problems
Equations of Circles
Exponential Functions
Functions That Intersect Geometric Figures
More Listing and Counting Problems
More Listing and Counting Problems #2
More “Picking Numbers” Problems
More “Picking Numbers” Problems #2
More Shaded Region Problems
More Systems of Equations Problems
Quadratics & Parabolas
Shaded Region Problems
Solving Systems of Equations “Cleverly”
Statistics and Frequency Tables
Statistics and Histograms
Strategy: Listing and Counting
Strategy: Picking Numbers
Systems of Equations
The Remainder Theorem

SAT Challenge Problems
Challenging Problems Set 1
Challenging Problems Set 2
Challenging Problems Set 3
Challenging Problems Set 4
Challenging Problems Set 5
Challenging Problems Set 6
Challenging Problems Set 7
Challenging Problems Set 8
Challenging Problems Set 9
Challenging Problems Set 10

SAT Writing
The Sample Passages Reformatted

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