SAT Math Challenge Problem Workbook (Kindle Edition)

One of our students, a very highly-motivated student who is on his way to Cornell University in the fall, spent a lot of time preparing for the SAT. He asked early on for Coversome additional problems “like those you’d see at the end of the Math sections.” Each week, I had to make him a new set of five problems. I was always proud if I made a problem that actually stumped him — it didn’t happen often!

Those problems — and more — have been collected into a new book, “SAT Math Challenge Problem Workbook,” available now for Kindle and downloadable to iPads and tablets with the free Kindle Reading app.  The price ($4.99) has been kept low so that as many students as possible can have access to this material.

To preview the book or make a purchase, just click on the book cover above.  If you need the Kindle Reading app, you can learn more here.

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