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SAT Writing: The Sample Passages Re-formatted

When you’re studying for the SAT, you want to use as many “real” resources, those actually created by the makers of the test, as possible. For the old SAT, last given in January 2016, the College Board had a guide that contained ten complete tests. But the new version of The Official SAT Study Guide has only four. That will probably change over time as more materials are created and old tests are released, but for right now those real tests are a scarce commodity.

Within the guide itself, there are two additional sample passages for the Writing and Language Test. Those passages are not formatted in the same way as the test, however. On the actual test, the format is two columns with the passage on the left and the questions on the right. Not so the samples. Additionally, when you get to the questions for the sample passages, the answers appear right below each question. You could try not to peek but good luck with that!

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