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“SAT Math: Focus on ….” Book Series

Our latest project is a series of e-books that focuses on the topics that are most frequently tested on the SAT Math test. Each volume begins with a review of the key concepts you’ll need to know. Then you’ll get a chance to test what you’ve learned by trying problems — some with calculator and some without, just as it will be on test day. After you complete the problems, you’ll be able to check your work using the detailed solutions that are also provided.

Each of the volumes in this series is available to download to your Kindle, iPad, or other device. We’ve made each of them available for only $0.99.

The following volumes are currently available:

Volume 1 — SAT Math: Focus on Quadratics & Parabolas
Volume 2 — SAT Math: Focus on Lines & Systems of Equations
Volume 3 — SAT Math: Focus on Algebraic Basics

SAT Math Challenge Problem Workbook

Cover*** Please note: This book was originally written for the old SAT that was last given in January 2016. Students will still find the techniques and problems in this book helpful, but because it was produced for the old test, we have dropped the Kindle price to $0.99. ***

This book was created to help highly-motivated, ambitious math students turn a good SAT Math score into an exceptional SAT Math score.

In the first part of this book you’ll learn about some important SAT Math strategies (like “Picking Numbers”) and different types of problems that might appear among the more difficult questions at the ends of the SAT Math sections. Each chapter in this part of the book involves a lesson followed by practice problems and full written solutions. You’ll learn exactly how you should approach those tricky problems that are meant to challenge even the best of students.

The second half of the book is where you’ll get to put what you’ve learned to the test. There you’ll find sets of “challenge problems” meant to sharpen your math skills and prepare you for even the hardest problems you’ll encounter on test day. Just as in the first half of the book, each set includes fully worked out solutions.

Kindle Price: $0.99

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